Kitesurfing in Boston


About us

Kite Boston is founded out of desire to help existing New England kiteboarding community as well as potential new kiters just getting into the sport.
Based on years of experience kiting and teaching kiteboarding we claim that Boston and Cape Cod have some of the best kiting  conditions available anywhere. If you go to the right places local New England beaches will rival many caribbean locations, when it comes down to flat water and sometimes you may even get some waves. Yes little after-storm action will do it!

Get in touch with KiteBoston if you are new to the area, would like to learn or just want to get some info about Boston Kite scene.


How physically demanding is kiteboarding / kitesurfing?

Although, some physical conditioning is required the wind & your body weight will do most of the work for you. The force from the kite is countered by your body weight using harness that reduces the strain on your arms. All lessons take place in shallow water but basic swimming skills are must .Give us a call if you are unsure of your fitness levels.

If I can snowboard, skateboard, windsurf or wakeboard, will that help my kiteboarding progression?

It will certainly help, since there are some similarities in board control similar to other board sports, and wind awareness from windsurfing or other sailing sports.

When do you offer lessons?

We offer lessons from June to mid November(Mon-Sun).

Is there a minimum or maximum age to kitesurf?

We have taught people well into their sixties and under 18, so as long as there are no medical reasons not to kitesurf, we will help you get going in this sport at your own pace!

What happens if the lesson is cancelled?

If the lesson is cancelled we will reschedule your lesson for the next suitable date.

What if  I am faster or slower  at learning than the other person in  my group?

Since we limit amount of students per group to 2 there is no difference at what speed you are learning. Each student practices for 8-12 minutes taking turns, so instructor can readjust to your needs. From our experience this is the most efficient way to learn, since each student stays fresh and gets a chance to learn from each other.  It is important not to try and compare yourself and your learning progress to the other students; not everyone learns at the same pace, and often “slow and steady wins the race” as they say.

If at the end of the lesson I am still not 100% confident of going out on my own , what can I do ?

We will provide you with an honest feedback on your level. In most cases students leave confident enough to progress on their own.  Also we strongly  encourage a “buddy system”, where you can progress along with someone of your level. Be sure to check with us on special clinics and discounts for students who need additional instruction.
You can always retake any of lessons at a discounted price or take a refresher lesson (something we do for people who tried kiteboarding while on vocation or just never really got into it and need a little extra supervised time to gain the confidence).

There are three or four of us and we want to learn together, what can we do?

You can have awesome time and get %20 discount on lesson price. Be sure to ask us about options for larger groups or family’s.

Where can I find a  club or local kite community  to join?

We organize trips/events for all our students, so you will not be forgotten. Also, we highly recomend checking out the community site. The Boston kite scene is very friendly and open, which makes it very easy to connect with other kiters :)

What  equipment is provided?

We provide kite, board, harness, & wetsuit. Students are are expected to take care of their foot ware in the form of booties if needed.
Also, we offer O'Neill booties for sale for a reasonable price.

How I do go about booking?

Since, we can not predict the wind (working on it :) ), send as an email or call to let know your prefered time of the week and day to take the lesson. We will then send available times and dates to meet with information about what to bring and directions to the lesson location.

Offered Lesson Plans

  • Land Lesson

    2.5 hrs

  • $150

You will be introduced to basics of Kiteboarding and will learn:

1) Understanding wind (Wind Window & Power Zone)
2) Launch and safely operate Power Kite
3) Review Safety and different types of gear.

Location is determined based on wind direction. We try to stay within 15 mile radius from Boston for most of the lessons.

  • Water Lesson(1)

    3 hrs

  • $250

At the end of this lesson you will learn:

1) Safety mechanisms and general guidance for staying safe on the water and land while practising Kiteboarding.
2) Kite Control. You will practise kite skill while standing and use a safety system. A crucial point to gain confidence and get comfortable before getting into the water.
3) Body dragging in the water At this point you will have chance to practice and control kite without a kiteboard.
4) Upwind body dragging and Board retrieval.
5) Water Kite Relaunch.
6) Getting on the board.

  • Water Lesson(2)

    3 hrs

  • $250

After this lesson you should be able to progress on your own:

After all bases being covered in water lesson(1) we will go over exercises that need the most attention, based on student needs.

  • Boston Kitesurfing Camp

    2day / 8.5 hrs

  • $500

Combine all 3 lessons in 2 day Boston Kitesurfing Camp.


Free wind report - as well as waves & weather forecast.
Tide chart - good source for new england costal tide schedule.
Beaches - some of the best New England beach spots to kiteboard.
Kite repairs - Good source if you are willing to ship your gear and able to wait a bit. (You are welcome to contact us and we may be able to help you to connect with some local repair shops/people).
Learn - See/learn from other people mistakes.

Please get in touch with us if you have a good kite related resource to be added.

Get in Touch

Call/text, send us email in case you got any questions about kiting in and around boston area or if you would like to join us for a trip somewhere else. We always happy to hear from current and future kiteboarders :)

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