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Kiteboarding Lesson Plans

3 Days is what it takes for most students to be able to progress on their own. 2 days of hands on instruction + 1 day of supervised kiting makes most students self sufficient.

Private Lessons


Duration: 3 hour minimum ($150/Hour)

You will be introduced to basics of Kiteboarding and will learn:

  • Kiteboarding for beginners
  • First Jumps or Jump Higher
  • Transitions
  • Back Rolls, Front Rolls, Kiteloops
  • Unhooked (Raleys)
Location is determined based on wind direction. We try to stay within 15 mile radius from Boston for most of the lessons.

Group Lessons


Duration: 3.5 hours Bring a friend ($250 per student)

We will cover Safety mechanisms and general guidance for staying safe on the water and land while practicing Kiteboarding.

  • Overview of kite safety system.
  • Kite control on the ground using training kite as well as power kite.
  • Body dragging in the water At this point you will have chance to practice and control kite without a kiteboard.
  • Upwind body dragging.
  • Water kite relaunch.


Duration: 3.5 hours Bring a friend ($250 per student)

Building on your kite flying skills we will introduce board skills.

  • Kite oower strokes
  • Water starts
  • Proper stance when kiting
  • Kiting upwind
  • Self rescue

Group Camp

2 days (8 hours in total) ($500 per student)

Combine Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 with + extra time on the water.

Group or Private

Ride Along

Duration: 3 hours

Beginner ride along sessions offered to former students who are either looking to gain a bit more confidence or still have not gathered their own gear.

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